How Not to be that Annoying Flatmate in Lifestyle

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Moving away to uni can be one of the most exciting times in your life, and quite often, you'll be living with people who aren't your immediate family for the first time. Whether they're people you've never met before or some of your best mates, make sure you follow our top flat-sharing rules.

1. Don't be too messy


Britain's Biggest Hoarders probably shouldn't be the inspiration for your decorating theme.

2. Don't be inconsiderate


If you know your flatmate has an exam at 9am on Thursday, don't suggest a post-union afterparty for your entire class at 4am.

3. Don't be anti-social


We all need a bit of alone time, and you don't need to be bffs with your new flatmate but being friendly and polite will get you much further than blanking them at all times.

4. Don't have your other-half over every single night.


We get it, you're committed. We shouldn't have to stare at your PDA whilst we're having our bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.

5. Be aware of people's personal possessions


It's a fair bet that the last square of chocolate they've been saving in the fridge isn't up for grabs.

6. Don't tell everyone about your dreams first thing in the morning


Dreams aren't that interesting unless they're your own. Keep it to yourself.

7. Don't mess up the shower schedule


You know I have to be up at 6.48am to be in the shower for 7.37am to be out the door at 8.27am on a Tuesday.

8. Don't leave passive aggressive notes


We live in the same flat. Just say what you got to say.

9. Take your turn


I could draw you a map to the cleaning products, if that would help?

10. Don't expect complete silence


Humans make noise.

11. Don't be a martyr.


I know, you bought butter that time and didn't take the money from the food kitty. I do not have a medal for you.

12. Don't have your friends round all the time.


I like spending time with your friends, but not every night and not when Great British Bake Off is about to come on.

13. Don't demand endless group meetings.


Someone accidentally used your towel. Life goes on.

14. And whatever you do, don't rent my room out on Air B'n'B when I'm staying with parents for the weekend.


The main thing to remember is just to be considerate to your flatmates, understand that different people have different living habits and try to find compromises where possible.