6 Thoughts All Graduates Have

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Graduation can bring about a lot of emotions - and we know how you feel! Check out some of these #GradFeels

*breathes sigh of relief* 

The dreaded dissertation is over. The essays are submitted. The coursework complete. No more late nights stressing, procrastinating, and walking blurry eyed into uni the next day to hand in assignments a minute before the deadline.  Unless you are a journalism student, then you'll probably end up doing that for the next fifty years in work. 

Pride - you've finally made it! 

Remember – you should feel really proud that you got a degree. You made it through the past 3/4/5 years and you now have that piece of paper to prove that you done it! You got through higher education! And for some, it's the end of 17 years in a row (!!) spent in education. 

"Help, am I a grown up now?!"

One minute you're staying in bed all day and going out most nights – the next you're expected to be an adult. With a job? And responsibilities? It can feel weird, especially if you've spent your entire life in education.  Try calming your nerves by reading up on what to expect at your first job.

"Bye bye summer"

For some this might be the last summer you get – and for others, you realise that last year was actually your last full summer break - why oh why didn't you appreciate it more at the time?! No more free time for internships, travelling or binge watching TV series, you’ll just be working from now on come rain or shine.

What if I don’t get a job?!

For most graduates this is a big worry – but you can have a look at some of our tips on where to look for graduate jobs, as well as how to stay motivated in your graduate job search.  And you can always use your time to do some volunteering which will help you get a job later on.

Don’t worry, you will get there.  

Looking forward to the future

You’ve got your whole future ahead of you! Your degree is the starting point of which you can jump off from – you might not end up going down the path you thought you would when you first started, but hey, isn’t that part of the fun?