The Young Scot Card

The Young Scot National Entitlement Card is available free of charge to everyone aged 11-26 living in Scotland. Use it for money off the things you love, exclusive Rewards, Proof-of-Age and much more.


Replacement Cards

If you need a replacement card simply call the Inverclyde Young Scot office on 01475 715 450 or email the team at

You can request a photo upgrade and change your address or personal details at one of the validation points.

First-Time Application

If you are at secondary school...

Outside of the bulk process when you first start school you can get an application form from a Local Validation Point or by phoning Inverclyde Council onĀ 01475 715 450 or email the team at

If you are no longer at school...

You can get an application form for your first card at a Local Validation Point listed below.

Once you've completed an application form, you don't send it by post to us - you have to get it validated! You may want to fill the form out at the Local Validation Point who will send it away to be processed, but the cardholder must attend with;

  • a passport-sized photo,
  • identification (like a passport),
  • and; a proof of address

You can find a list of validation points in Inverclyde below.

Local Validation Points

  • Community Learning & Development, 32 Nicolson Street, Greenock, PA15 1UL
  • i Youth Zone, Dubbs Place, Port Glasgow, PA14 5UD / I Youth Zone, 34 Nicolson Street, Greenock, PA15 1UL

Topping Up Your Card

If you use your card for cashless catering then you can top up your card using the machines in school. The machines take coins so make sure you have change.

You can also top up your card online.

You can use your card for...