Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy

1 Online Privacy Practices

1.1 When you use this Website, we will automatically have access to limited personal information about you. In addition, if you sign up to receive our newsletter or enter a competition through this Website, we will have to store and use your personal information. As a result, we are required to make sure that we provide you with protection and process and store your personal data as set out in the Data Protection Act 1998 ("the Act"). Further information about the Act is available on the Internet at This Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy below set out how we collect data and how it is processed.

1.2 One of the requirements under the Act is that we notify the Information Commissioner that we hold and process personal data. We confirm that we have done that and that we have practices in place which ensure that we comply with the requirements of the Act.

1.3 Any information of a personal nature that You provide to Us will be kept confidential by Us and will only be used for the purposes that have been specified above. In particular, We will not disclose or give Your information to any other outside third parties (apart from organisations processing the information on our behalf such a Survey Monkey). We may need to transfer your personal information out with the EEA if it is being processed by a third party such as Survey Monkey because they process data in the USA. If we do transfer your personal information to a third party to process out with the EEA, we will make sure that the third party protects your personal information. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions You have given Us Your consent to give Your personal details to such third parties. We do our best to ensure that any data collected by us or third party on our behalf is kept confidential. .

2 Cookies

2.1 We use cookies. However, We do not use cookies for collecting or storing personal information about You. Instead, Young Scot use a form of temporary cookie called a "session cookie" to allow our website to function effectively. Session cookies only store a "session ID" - a string of random characters - which allows the website to group together and distinguish page requests from Your browser during each browsing session. They are not stored on Your computer's hard disk and are held in memory, expiring automatically when You close down Your browser. If for any reason You do not want session cookies to be temporarily stored in the memory of Your computer, then these can be disabled by clicking here – please note that disabling cookies may mean that You will lose some features and functionality of the site. By not opting to disable the cookies then You are consenting to their use.

3 Further Information on Data Protection and Personal Privacy

3.1 For further information from Young Scot on their data protection and privacy policies, You should contact You should note that use of this website is subject to our Terms & Conditions.

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