(M.A.D Week) Interview with Stirling Council's Fisheries Modern Apprentices in Stirling News


As part of Stirling Council’s Modern Apprenticeship’s Make A Difference (M.A.D) week, we have interviewed Ryan Binnie and Stuart Mckinlay who are two of our apprentices in Fisheries to talk about their Modern Apprenticeship.

“Why did you decide to become a Modern Apprentice?”

Ryan said that he decided to become a Modern Apprentice due to there being lots of great opportunities as well as he’d “rather be out doing work than in school”. Stuart said he decided to become a Modern Apprentice because it would “Open up a window for more qualifications, allow me to develop my skills, give me the opportunity to learn and work with new and different machinery and tools. As well as giving me the opportunity to climb up the career ladder, and I hope to get a proper job at the end of it”

“What do you like about being a Modern Apprentice?”

Ryan said that enjoyed being a Modern Apprentice because of the courses he got to sit as part of his Modern Apprenticeship as well as “getting to work with young people and the general public, I enjoy being outside, and it’s something I like doing” Stuart said that he enjoyed being a Modern Apprentice due to being able to “Learn and develop new skills, lots of opportunities, get to work with a lot of different people, enjoy the job in general anyway, and I enjoy working outdoors a lot”

“Would you recommend a Modern Apprenticeship to someone?”

Both Ryan and Stuart said they would recommend doing a Modern Apprenticeship because you “Get your qualifications and work experience, as well as get to work with the public”

“What’s your favourite thing you’ve done as an MA?”

Ryan said he “enjoyed the chainsaw course, as well as taking part in the bailiff conference” Stuart said that he “enjoyed being involved in a bailiff role, policing the river, and learning what happens on the riverbanks on a day to day basis"

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