(M.A.D Week) Interview with Modern Apprentices at Stirling Start Up in Stirling News


Stirling Council’s Modern Apprenticeship’s are all about learning and earning at the same time whilst working. At its core, our Modern Apprenticeship’s are a job like any other but as well as getting paid, apprentices gain a lot of practical work experience as part of a training programme. At the same time, they work towards a qualification that will boost their careers. As part of Modern Apprentice week, which is the 29th of February to the 4th of March, Stirling Council have a Making A Difference (M.A.D) week, and as part of this I have interviewed Daniel Reid and Conroy Hunter who are volunteering at Start Up Stirling, to talk to them about their apprenticeships.

“Why did you decide to become a Modern Apprentice?

”Daniel said that he became a Modern Apprentice because “There was good prospects, get a qualification in Occupational Health, there’s job security, and as the job is modern there’s diversity in the job” Conroy said that he became a Modern Apprentice because “It was different from other jobs, there’s job diversity, the people are really encouraging, and put trust in you, and there’s good prospects”

“What do you like about being a Modern Apprentice?”

Daniel said he enjoys being a Modern Apprentice because "There's diversity, a good working environment as well as a welcoming atmosphere" Conroy said that he enjoys being a Modern Apprentice because "There's training courses, job diversity, little job repetition, a good work environment, and get to see the potential future jobs that I can go on to after this apprenticeship, I also get to try new things, get to see what I'm good at, get kept busy and get to learn new skills"

“Would you recommend a Modern Apprenticeship?”

Both said that they would definitely recommend doing a Modern Apprenticeship, whilst Conroy expanded on this by saying “It is unconvential compared to other jobs, it is good money, feels modern and up to date, and you get to learn new skills”

“What is the favourite thing you’ve done as a Modern Apprentice?”

Daniel said the favourite thing he’s done as a Modern Apprentice is “hitting the ground running, there’s no baby steps” Conroy said the favourite thing he’s done as a Modern Apprentice is “taking part in the manual handling courses, learn information and skills to relate to the job, I enjoy the diversity as you get to work out and about, as well as there being work done in the office”

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