TV Shows to Binge Watch in Articles

Exams are almost over - What better way to celebrate your survival by binge watching a TV show?


Fi’s top 5
5. The Waltons – Simple living where everyone wore dungarees and ate apple pie up a Virginian Mountain.   “Goodnight Jim Bob””
4. Little House in the Prairie – Pioneering spirit, the Ingles family struggle out West. The class struggle out west, perfect for a duvet day in bed. Heartwarming.
3. Gogglebox – A diverse collection of families provide an opportunity to find out others people’s opinions on popular TV shows. Diversity = Quality
2. Game of Thrones – Lip-smacking eye-popping chill-thrilling sexy cool enigmatic unpredictable value for money entertainment. I want that frock! “You know nothing Jon Snow”
1. Vikings – Never knew history could be so exciting! Game of Thrones but real. “Better to fight and fall than to live without hope”.

JK’s top 5
5. The Undateables – Heartwarming show that says there’s love for everybody out there. Also does well to raise awareness for various disabilities otherwise ignored.
4. Gogglebox – A sneak-peak into everybody’s living room. You realise the things they said about these shows is exactly what you think! It’s almost like Little Britain characters, it’s so British!
3. Penny Dreadful – Dark, brooding horror. It’s got vampires, Frankenstein, werewolves, witches – It’s the battle between good and evil takes place in a London stage. Don’t watch it alone!
2. Madam Secretary – The secretary of State, we see how she balances political and family life and how they intertwine. It’s good to see how America sees itself on the world stage. Plus, she wears great outfits! One of the best dressed women on TV.
1. Game of Thrones – What Fi said. I want a dragon!

Blair’s top 5*
5. Awake – A detective struggles with 2 separate realities while dealing with the death of his wife - or was it his son who died? It’s intelligent, gripping and Jason Isaacs gives an incredible performance.
4. Community – Laugh-out-loud hilarious. Troy and Abed’s bromance is the best.
3. From Dusk Til Dawn – Directed by the same man behind the movie, Robert Rodriguez, the story follows the Gecko brothers, two criminals on the run. There’s lots of action and vampire-snake-things. It’s often aesthetically pleasing.
2. Adventure Time – A cartoon where a boy named Finn and his best friend, a shapeshifting dog named Jake, protect the citizens of the Land of Ooo. It’s a whole lot of fun, even for adults and older members of the audience I swear!
1. Making a Murderer – You’ve probably heard of this. It will have you shouting at your TV, pleading for justice and in total shock that this is real. I watched all 10 hours of this show in the space of 24 hours.

*Game of Thrones is actually my number 1 but I changed it for the sake of variety. Go watch it!

James's Top 5
Due to a hectic schedule, James is currently too busy surfing with dolphins in Australia to give a description of each show. You'll just need to trust him. 

5. Game of Thrones
4. Friends
3. How I met your Mother
2. Doctor Who
1. Rick and Morty

Blair's Sadly Forgotten List
I felt too bad not to mention these other great shows I've watched...

Desperate Housewives
True Detective (Season 1)
Breaking Bad
South Park
America’s Next Top Model
Fawlty Towers
Sons of Anarachy
Orange is the New Black