6 Steps to Making a Successful Customer Complaint in Rights

Follow our 6 steps to get the result you want when complaining about a faulty product or service.

1. Be Quick

As soon as you find a fault make your complaint. If you wait too long it'll be a lot more difficult to show that the goods were faulty when you first received them.

2. Be Polite

Remember, the customer assistant you're speaking to isn't the one to blame. Plus, they're much more likely to respond positively to your complaint if you treat them respectfully.

3. State the Facts


Keep it simple. Clearly state what the issue is and what action you want taken - don't elaborate with nasty comments or unnecessary details.

4. Don't Forget The Evidence


If you want a refund, bring your item with you. This means you can show the faults, and get a refund or exchange there and then. If you're making an online complaint you can attach a photo of the fault.

5. Persevere


Don't be afraid to take further action if you need to. Keep a clear log of previous complaints made, and who you've dealt with, and take it to someone higher in the company. You can also get legal help from YoungScot Lawline.

6. Don't Feel Guilty


You don't need to apologise. Your consumer rights state the service you deserve, and if you don’t receive this you're entitled to some form of compensation. Find out more about your consumer rights.