6 Reasons You Should Add Young Scot on Snapchat in Lifestyle

You won't get a 700 second story from us, but if you add 'youngscotsnaps' on Snapchat you will get Rewards codes, exclusives and behind-the-scenes gossip!

If you're not following us on Snapchat yet - here are 6 wee reasons you should add youngscotsnaps as a friend!

1. Exclusives

Now that we're getting into using Snapchat more, it's the place to be for exclusive info on discounts, Rewards, the Young Scot Awards and more!

2. Behind the Scenes

Ever wondering what we get up to at Young Scot HQ? Well there are plenty of opportunities to peek inside our office and check out what's going on.

3. Weekly Rewards Codes

Every week we release a Snapchat-only 50 points code for Young Scot Rewards. Just think, if you follow us for a whole year - that's 2600 points on Snapchat alone!

4. Information

Not sure what you're entitled to be earning or looking for simple study tips? We've got it all!

5. We're pretty funny

Ok, we might be biased, but sometimes we just like to have a bit of a laugh on our story.

6. ...and meet the staff!

Every week we're going to give you snippets of what we get up to, so follow one of us around for a day, it might be our digital team or even the CEO!

Add us!

Here's how...

  • Open Snapchat and take a picture of the code below,
  • If you're using your phone, take a screenshot and use the 'add by snap code' option on the app,
  • Click this linkĀ https://www.snapchat.com/add/youngscotsnapsĀ 
  • or simply enter our username youngscotsnaps!

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