6 Reasons Why We Love Spring in Lifestyle

Spring has sprung and we are super excited for the new season! Here's what we've most looking forward to:

Reasons we love spring!

1) In bloom


Cherry blossom season is here and it's so pretty! Plus We love seeing the bright yellow daffodil buds appear when the weather gets a little warmer.

2) Cute animals


Little lambs, spring chicks, baby bunnies... the cuteness is everywhere! 

3) Spring Clean


Spring is the perfect excuse to have a tidy up. Plus it feels great getting rid of stuff you don't need!

4) Spring fashion


Brighter colours, lighter jackets… goodbye big jumpers and wellies!

5) Yummy foods


Salmon, spinach and asparagus are all in season in spring - make sure to enjoy them at their best!

6) Getting sporty 


It's the perfect time to start getting back into playing some football with mates, or going out for a run.

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