Refreshing Your Newsfeed in Lifestyle

Sometimes time on the internet can feel a bit exhausting. Our newsfeeds can be filled with a lot of negative stuff, which can leave us feeling down and cynical about the world. So why not have a spring clean of your social networks and change your perspective – hopefully leaving you feeling much better any time you go online.

Unfollow the bad


Scrolling down your newsfeed, it can seem like the world is a horrible place sometimes.

If you are feeling low about what you're reading online, or if you have someone who always says upsetting things, makes cruel jokes or taunts other people and it gets you down, it might be good to take a break by unfollowing or muting certain accounts.

You can also mute certain words on Twitter, so if there’s certain things that you find upsetting, offensive words you don’t want to read, or certain topics that often bring negative chat, you can make sure it doesn’t appear in your feed.

Don’t read the comments…


If there is a post, there will be an opinion on it. Such is life on the internet. But no matter if it's good or bad news, people will always have something to say about it. 

This is why it's best to avoid the comment section, where a lot of opinions, prejudice and nasty things are usually posted 

Clicking to see replies to a tweet can bring about interesting discussion, but if you see something upsetting - don't continue to scroll down. Click away from the tweet, and go look at something a little more positive.

If you see something graphic or offensive, you can report it to the website you're viewing it on. 

Follow the nice!


The types of accounts we follow will shape what we think of the world around us. It's easy to see lots of the bad everywhere, but there is lots of good across the globe.

You could follow twitter accounts like Positive News that post stories about people doing amazing things.

Or if you've got a specific hobby or interest, follow pages that talk about the things that you love and keep the chat positive.

And who doesn't love animals? Why not follow a famous pet or a page that only posts cute animal videos. 

Spread joy


It's always nice to receive compliments - it makes us feel really good about ourselves! So why not spread some positive vibes online and compliment someone you admire.

Have you read a book, seen a film, listened to some music, enjoyed an article, loved a comic or thought a piece of art someone has made was amazing? Why not send them a message and let them know?

It's always nice to be nice, and people who make things always love to hear that someone else has enjoyed their work.