Cook Up a Boxing Day Treat With Your Leftovers in Lifestyle

Food is a big focus of our festive family celebrations. Christmas dinner is an opportunity to indulge in delicious food, a chance to feast, and catch up...

undefinedBut what do we do with all the leftovers on Boxing day? In Scotland, households can waste over £470 worth of good food each year. So try our delicious gourmet recipe to make sure you make the most of every morsel.


150g cooked turkey
100g pork sausage stuffing
1 slice of smoked bacon
1 brioche burger bun
2 leaves of sprout tops cooked
25g of cheese (1 slice)
50g fried onions
10ml mustard mayo
100ml turkey gravy
25ml cranberry ketchup

Cranberry ketchup
250 gr cranberry sauce
100 ml red wine vinegar
Cook and reduce


Split and toast the bun and fry the leftover meats. Spread the base of the bun with mustard mayo and dip the top in the turkey gravy. Layer up the turkey, sausage, bacon and cheese and flash under the grill, place the warm sprout tops on the mustard side of the bun followed by the meat stack. Drizzle with cranberry ketchup and finish with the French dipped bun top.

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