Keep Smelly Pongs at Bay in Body

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Changes in our hormones, how much we sweat and how hairy we are can make us smell like never before.

How can I stop sweat smells?

Sweat, by itself, doesn't smell at all.

It's only when it hangs around a while and the bugs on our skin get hold of it that things turn sour.

The solution is simple:

  • change underwear and any clothes that touch your armpits daily
  • wash every day with soap and warm water
  • pay particular attention to your armpits, bum and groin
  • rinse well with plenty of clean water.

Don't wash inside of the vagina is naturally self-cleaning.

Getting soap or body wash in there (ouch, by the way) upsets the vagina's natural balance and can cause other problems.

Do clothes make a difference to how we smell?

Eventually, items you sweat a lot in (like gym kit) can end up smelling awful, even straight off the clothes line.

  • choose loose fitting, cotton underwear
  • keep natural fibres next to your skin as much as you can
  • wool, cotton, linen, hemp and bamboo are all good choices.

I've got sweat circles - help!

If you do sweat lots, try using an antiperspirant spray or roll-on (never in your groin).

Some people do sweat lots more than the rest of us.

If it's causing you problems, speak to your doctor about what treatments are available.

I washed but my bits still smell - why?

Some people naturally have a stronger smell than others down below, even straight out of the shower.

This is your natural smell but nobody will notice it unless they get really close (yes - that close).

It can be dangerous to use deodorants or antiperspirants on your genitals - plain old soap and water is all you should need.

If you're worried about bad smells, and especially if things are a bit sore when you pee or bad smelling stuff comes out of your vagina, speak to your doctor or school nurse.