How to Get on with Your Teachers in Learning

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They're there to give us an education, but teachers can also be good people to turn to if we need to talk.

If there are difficult things going on in our lives, teachers can arrange extra help at school.

How should I act towards teachers?

Teachers are human beings with feelings just like the rest of us.

Be polite and try to do as they ask.

What can I talk to my teachers about?

Anything you like!

Teachers have a lot of experience of life and of the kinds of problems young people face. This can make them ideal people to speak to if we're worried about something or need advice.

You should also let them know about big things that are happening in your life outside school.

They can make allowances if your grades slip and give you more time to complete homework tasks if you need it.

You should always let a teacher know if you're being bullied or see someone else being bullied.

Will things I tell my teachers stay private?

Teachers will keep most things you tell them private.

If they feel they have to tell other people, they should ask for your permission first.

If they think someone is harming you or that you are in danger, they may tell other people who can help to keep you safe, such as Social Services.

If they think a crime has been committed, they might tell the police.

Depending on what's wrong, they might also inform your parents or guardians, but not if doing this could put you in more danger.

What if I fancy a teacher?

Lots of people get crush on a teacher.

However, teachers can't have any kind of romantic or sexual relationship with you. If they do, they could go to prison.

What if I think I've been treated wrongly by a teacher?

Try to speak to the teacher concerned first and explain why you feel you were treated wrongly.

If you can't do this or are scared about what might happen if you do, speak to another senior member of staff.

It's often a good idea to speak to your parents or guardians first. They might complain for you or go with you to speak to your school.