5 Hacks for a Happy Mind in Mind

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Check out our 5 top tips to keep your mind healthy and happy.

1) Be mindful


Becoming aware of your surroundings – sights, sounds, smells - can help with your mental wellbeing.

Practicing mindfulness can help you to appreciate all of the little things that you might have missed while you were focused on negative thoughts and worries.

2) Enjoy outside


A lack of sunlight (and vitamin D) can make us feel tired, which can make our mood drop.

By going for a walk at lunchtime, or walking your dog when you get home, you can enjoy the benefits of being outdoors, and get some exercise.

Even just a 15 minute walk can help clear your mind and help you relax.  

3) Take note


Take time to reflect on the good things that happened each day.  

You could try joining in with the #100happydays challenge and post a picture of something good that’s happened every day.

It could be something as simple as “had a nice cup of tea”, “had a laugh with my friends” or even “got to a new level on candy crush.”

Appreciating the small things, even when you’ve had a bad day, can help train your brain to be more positive.

4) Get gabbing


Meeting up with friends can make us feel better – from grabbing a coffee to watching football – spending time with people we care about is always sure to brighten our day.

Plus, chatting things through with someone we trust can make problems that initially seemed daunting become much easier to deal with.

5) Eat good food 


Eating the right food gives your energy levels a boost, leaving you feeling less sluggish and improving your mood. 

Aiming for five portions of fruit and veg will give your body the nutrients it needs to work properly. Drinking enough water during the day is important too – even mild dehydration can affect your mood.

Reducing your alcohol intake can also make your mental wellbeing improve.  

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