4 Questions to Ask Yourself before Having Sex with Someone in Sex

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Deciding to have sex with someone, whether for the first ever time or the first time with a new partner, is a big deal. Ask yourself these questions to make sure the time is right for you.

Remember, you have to be 16 or over to legally consent to sex.

1) What kind of relationship do you want?

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next stage? Or are you happy to stick with kissing and cuddling, or even just being good friends, for now? 

2) What are your feelings?

  • Do you feel strongly about this person?
  • Do you feel a strong connection with them?
  • Can you have a good laugh together as well as talk easily with them?
  • Do you feel respected and do you respect them?
  • Do they make you feel good about yourself? 

When you really care about someone the answer to all of these questions should be yes. If you don't feel that way then maybe they're not the right person for you to be having a sexual relationship with.

3) Do you feel safe with this person?

Having sex with someone is one of the most intimate things you can do. If you worry what they think of you or feel you can't trust them at the best of times, you definitely won't feel any more secure with them when you're in your underwear.

4) Can you talk with them easily about your feelings and what you want?

Good sex is all about good communication.

Being able to talk openly with someone is essential if you're going to discuss important things like what protection you want to use and what you do and don't want to do.

If you don't feel that you are ready to have sex, you shouldn't let pressure from your partner or friends influence your decision.

If you decide that you do want to have sex with your partner it's important that you use contraception and know the facts about safe sex.