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Are you passionate about Gaelic and want to create content for Young Scot? Find out how to share your idea below and if selected to create the content you’ll receive a £25 Love2Shop voucher!

Your content ideas can be on any topic. You might have a unique hobby or fancy writing about a memorable holiday. Maybe you’ve been involved in something that has benefitted your local community or there’s a topic or issue that you feel passionately about and think more young people need to know about, for example encouraging more people to speak Gaelic! 

As long as it is written, filmed or created in Gaelic, we want to hear your story!

What does Young Scot already do in Gaelic?

We have a whole area of our website, dedicated to Gaelic content – including language tips, learning about Gaelic history and culture and where to find opportunities.

Young Scot Gaelic has been creating new and inspiring content in Scottish Gaelic as well as sharing Gaelic opportunities to encourage the new generation of speakers and help them connect with each other. With a new National Gaelic Language Plan on its way in 2023, now is a better time than ever to support the growth and development of Gaelic.

Have you seen some of our Gaelic TikTok content? What’s your favourite part of the Highland Games? #Gaelic #HighlandGames #Gàidhlig #Scotland #ScottishTikTok #Summer2022 #FYP #GuessingGame #CelticLanguages ♬ Lo-Fi electric piano fashionable(840331) – yutaka.T

What kind of content would work?

It is completely up to you what kind of content idea you share! It could be anything from a written blog to creating a chatty video for TikTok. If you’re not sure and want some inspiration there are some examples of content we have shared below. 

If you feel written content is more your thing, you might want to consider writing a blog. You can take a look at our Youth Voice page to see what topics people have written about before (but you might notice Gaelic is missing and that’s why we need your voice!). 

If you’re comfortable in front of the camera and want to create a video, submitted by yourself or filmed with our support, we can take submissions for short or longer format videos. Take a look at the video below on university life and Gaelic by Alastair. Alastair, a Gaelic student at the University of Glasgow shares why he’s proud to be a Gaelic learner and more! #Gaelic #Gàidhlig #Cleachdi #UniversityOfGlasgow #CelticLanguages #Scotland #Scottish #FYP #YoungScot #Glasgow #LearnGaelic #LearnALanguage #GaelicTikTok #GlasgowUni ♬ lofi and minimalist BGM(325514) – Kazuhi

What do you get out of it?

If your idea is selected, we will then get in touch with you about creating this content.

If your content is published, you’ll receive a £25 Love2Shop voucher which you can use at a range of online stores!

How to submit your Gaelic content idea 

If you’d like to submit your content ideas for Young Scot Gaelic, fill out our online form. You will receive 100 Young Scot Reward points for submitting an idea.

Share your content ideas for Young Scot Gaelic

Please note: We cannot guarantee that everyone who expresses their interest will be featured. 

You may be contacted by a member of our Digital Information Team for further information and to let you know we’d like to feature your content idea. If you’re aged under 16 we will also require permission from a parent, carer or guardian. 

More information 

Need more info or would like to submit a nomination in another format? Email our team at

Find more opportunities to get involved.

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