OPPORTUNITY: Volunteer on #YSDigiKnow

Young Scot Hive and Scottish Government are looking for young people to volunteer on the Digi Know Steering Group.

Event information

🎂 11 to 26 years old
📅 From August/September 2020 to March 2021
 Anywhere in Scotland via Zoom initially

About the Digi Know Steering Group

With your project team, you’ll support and engage other young people to develop their digital skills in relation to cyber resilience. You will support others to feel safe, confident and knowledgeable online whilst developing an understanding of the career and progression opportunities available to them within the cyber and digital sectors.

We are recruiting for around 10 young people to join the Digi Know Steering Group. You’ll be working with current volunteers to identify important issues for young people around cyber resilience and work together to come up with new ideas, innovations and recommendations for improving young people’s online lives.

There will be opportunities to design online content with a cyber focus for Young Scot platforms, work with experts in the field and deliver training to adults and other young people in areas throughout Scotland.

No previous experience or knowledge is necessary.

Training and support throughout the process will be provided, including access to a Young Scot Staff member to support you. We are happy to make reasonable adjustments based on your needs throughout the process.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this project will take place online for the foreseeable future. However, we understand getting online can be difficult, so please still apply if you have limited access as we can support you with alternative arrangements.  

Sign up

If you would like to be part of the Digi Know Steering Group, then you can apply online or by filling out the embedded application form below.

This application form is alternatively available as a word document that you can download and we will also accept verbal applications made using video or voice recordings.

We’re happy to make reasonable adjustments and provide other additional support to help you apply. Please contact YSHive@young.scot to arrange this.

Questions in the application form include:

  • Details about you
  • Why you want to volunteer
  • What skills you can bring

What happens next 

Young Scot will review all applications, with volunteers and the Scottish Government and will host a Selection Session on Wednesday 30th September.

This is to give you a taster of what volunteering might be like, and for us to meet and get to know you. If you can’t attend, we can arrange a phone or video call with you at another time. After the Selection Day, we will make a decision and you will be notified shortly after.


Email us on YSHive@young.scot if you have any questions or would like to know more about this session - we're happy to help! 

More information 

We will ensure we are a safe and trusted place for you to volunteer. We do not accept any form of discrimination or prejudice to anyone on our volunteering projects based on your life experience, background, culture, or identity. This includes age, disability, gender identity, parenting and caring responsibilities, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation.