Tune In for the Global Youth Letter to COP26 Leaders

Do you want to hear the views of 8,000 young people across 23 countries on the global climate emergency?

What is the Global Youth Letter?

The British Council are hosting an online event on Thursday 9th September 2021 between 1200-1315, titled 'Global Youth Letter: 8000 Rising | Youth Voices on Climate Action'.

During it, a Global Youth Letter which represents the views of young people across the world will be presented and debated by youth representatives.

It is is a call for action from young people globally, directly addressing the leaders attending COP26 – the 26th UN Climate Change Conference, in Glasgow, November 2021.

How can you get involved?

You can register for the event and join to:

  • connect with your peers and debate the Global Youth Letter recommendations and discuss concrete actions
  • be counted and add your voice to the 8,000 Rising campaign
  • enter a new global competition designed to support young people to engage in climate action and climate resilience. 

More information

Find more information about the event and how you can register for it on the British Council's website.

Find out more about international experiences both at home and abroad on our GlobeScotters page.

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