OPPORTUNITY: Submit Your Content Ideas For Youth Loneliness Content

We want to tackle youth loneliness by offering young people in Scotland a platform to speak about topics they think are important.  

It can be any topic, past blogs have spoken about a range of things from mental health, feminism and young people's personal experiences. If you have been involved in something that has benefitted your local community or if there is a topic that you feel passionately about and are an activist for we want to know! 

Youth Loneliness 

Youth Loneliness has impacted many young people whether it be due to accessibility, living rurally or down to the coronavirus pandemic. We can all feel lonely sometimes for many different reasons. Sometimes, we can feel lonely even if we are around lots of people or have lots of friends.

Young people from across Scotland have all felt the effects of loneliness which may have led to struggles with mental health, making friends and fitting in.  

To tackle youth loneliness, we want to hear from you. Have you ever felt lonely or know someone that has? How did this make you feel and more importantly how did you combat this? Often people associate loneliness with being negative but when is the right time to be lonely or just have time to yourself? 

Content Ideas 

It is completely up to you what kind of content you pitch! It could be anything from a written blog to creating a chatty video for TikTok. If you're not sure and want some inspiration there are some examples of content we have shared below. 

We have featured blogs on various subjects from young people across Scotland. Past topics have included climate activism, feminism and mental health. Check out a few examples of blogs:

If you're comfortable in front of the camera and want to create a video we can take submissions for short or longer format videos. In the past we have featured videos of young people sharing tips on staying safe online, talking about their apprenticeships or sharing a day in their life! Have a look at just a couple of videos young people have created for us:

What's involved? 

If your pitch is picked, you'll receive a £50 Love2Shop voucher which you can use at a range of online stores. 

There will be up to 8 pitches selected.

You will also get 1,000 Young Scot Reward points. 

Finally, you will also have the opportunity to join a session in the Young Scot Edinburgh office (we will cover reasonable travel expenses) where we will provide training and support to help you develop your idea.  

How to apply 

If you'd like to submit your idea, fill out our online application form. You will receive 150 Young Scot Reward points for submitting an idea.  

Pitch your content ideas for Youth Loneliness 

Please note: We cannot guarantee that everyone who expresses their interest will be featured. 

You may be contacted by a member of our Digital Information Team for further information and to let you know we'd like to feature your story on our page. If you're aged under 16 we will also require permission from a parent, carer or guardian. 

The deadline for pitch submissions is the 9th of October. 

More information 

Need more info or would like to submit a nomination in another format? Email our team at contents@young.scot

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