International Events You Can Attend... from Home!

We’re all doing a lot less travelling right now but here are some events that you can attend from home that can make you feel like you’ve travelled the world!

Lets Reinvent

As part of the Art.I.Culate cross-cultural digital program for young artists, there are many different events to attend. From Black Culture Festival, art masterclasses and digital exhibitions there is something for every artist!  

🎂 14+ years old
📅 From 24th February, throughout March, April and May
🗺️ Online event

To find out more about each event or to register your interest, visit the Lets Reinvent website.


StAnza is Scotland's International Poetry Festival. StAnza have a huge range of online events to choose from across 8 days. The themes are ‘Make It New’ and ‘No Rhyme Nor Reason’. Have a look and see what events take your eye. There’s something for everyone here!

🎂 12+ years old
📅 6th to 14th March
🗺️ Online event

For more details on StAnza's events, visit on their website.

Scotland Malawi Partnership Youth Festival 2021

The partnership works to engage young people from Scotland and Malawi to lead the conversation on Climate Change, and Race and Equality. They have lots of different events across 4 days! Join the festival by tuning into live webinars, youth-led podcasts and dance and language competitions! 

🎂 From 5+ years old depending on the events
📅 15th to 19th March
🗺️ Online event  

For more information and to book your place, visit the Scotland and Malawi Partnership website.

Global Solutions Summit 2021

An international conference aimed at addressing key policy challenges and other global governance. You’ll hear from experts from think tanks, research organisations, business and civil society. See how these policies are made, debated and how they affect you!

🎂 16+ years old
📅 27th to 28th May
🗺️ Online event

To find out more and to book your space, visit the Global Solutions Initiative website.

More Opportunities

For more information about opportunities you can get involved with, visit our Get Involved page.

Visit for information about how to make the most of international experiences.