What Do You Think About Proposed Changes to Children's Hearings?

The Scottish Government is running a consultation asking people if they think the age someone can be referred to a Children's Hearing should be raised. 

What is a consultation?

The Scottish Government runs consultations on any changes to the way things are run, or the law, to find out what the public feel about the Government have planned. This can include people who are experts in the subject, people who will be impacted by the changes, or anyone who has an interest in having their voice heard. 

What is a Children's Hearing?

A children's hearing is a legal meeting that young people can be asked to attend if there are problems in their life that need to be solved. This could include a young person not being cared for properly or if they've been in trouble with the police.

What changes are the Scottish Government wanting to make?

Currently you have to be 16 or under to be referred to a children's hearing.

The Government wants to know what you think about people under 18 being able to be referred to a Children's Hearing. This means that 16 and 17 year olds could be referred to a Children's Hearing rather than going through the normal court system.

More info

Find out more about the proposed changes and how the consultation process works. 

Take part in the consultation

The deadline is 7th October 2020.

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