Five Reasons to Create Content with Young Scot

Fancy creating new content for Young Scot? We've got five reasons why you should get involved!

1. People across Scotland (and further) will see it!

Imagine getting the words you write, the videos you make or the Insta story you share seen by people all over Scotland. If you work with us that can happen!

2. Learn new skills!

Want to learn how to use Snapchat not just for your mates, but make it into a career? Or do you want to make your YouTube videos even better? We can help with that!

3. Inform other young people

What advice do you wish someone had told you when you were younger? Or what did you wish you knew now? You can help loads of other people in the same situation as you, across Scotland!

4. Make industry connections

Interested in a career in the third sector (charities, voluntary groups, community projects)? Young Scot works with lots of other organisations, so creating content for us is a great way to meet people you could work for in the future! Or you might even end up working for us!

5. Add it to your CV!

Using your time outside of school, work, college, your apprenticeship or university to create content for Young Scot would look brilliant on your CV.


Plus if you're thinking of making a portfolio to show off your skills to potential employers you can use the videos, articles or Snapchat stories you've made for us as evidence of just how awesome you are!


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