Find Your Local Leisure Centre

Your local leisure centre is the place to go to get your body moving! Whether you want to have a kick about with your mates, get competitive with a game of badminton, chill out with some yoga or sweat it out in the gym... there's loads of ways you can keep you and your body healthy!

Carrot, broccoli and tomato using exercise equipment

Usually it costs money to do activities at your local leisure centre, so if you're planning on going regularly, it might be worth getting a membership. A membership means you pay some money every month and it lets you use certain facilities at the leisure centre as often as you like. 

Lots of leisure centres offer discounted membership prices to young people. 

Where can I find my local leisure centre?

  1. Find out what local authority you stay in.
  2. Search for "leisure centre" "sport" or "leisure" on your local authority website.

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