Apply to Join the EYCA Youth Panel

The European Youth Card Association (EYCA) are recruiting for the EYCA Youth Panel!

What is EYCA?

The European Youth Card Association is made up of 40 member organisations in 38 countries across Europe working to empower you and other young people across Europe.

EYCA member organisations issue the European Youth Card to 7 million young people which aims to encourage you to be socially, culturally, educationally, and economically mobile through the benefits it offers. Young Scot is a member organisation and our National Entitlement Card is a European Youth Card, read more about what that means.

Find out more about who EYCA is and what they do on their site.

What is the EYCA Youth Panel?

The EYCA Youth Panel is made up of 18-29 year old European Card holders who want help put across a strong voice for young people to help design the programmes and services EYCA offers.

Joining the panel means you can look forward to:

  • A great international learning and working experience with 9 other young people from across Europe;
  • Participation in international events – seminars, workshops, conferences;
  • Support to further a cause you’re passionate about;
  • An opportunity to co-design services and programmes to the benefit of over 7 million young Europeans.

And you can do all of this from home in Scotland!

How to Apply

The selection process for the new Youth Panel has begun and applications will be open until 31st December 2020.

Apply to join the EYCA Youth Panel on the EYCA website

Once the application process has closed, a Selection Committee made up of the EYCA President, EYCA office and a member of the first edition of the Youth Panel will make a shortlist of candidates.

Then, after this shortlist has been created all EYCA Members will be able to vote to select the 10 members of the new Youth Panel and the new panel of young people will be in place during 2021.

Get the information you need to apply for a Young Scot Card.

Find more information and opportunities throughout Europe on our Europe page.