Enter the Time to Move T-Shirt Design Contest

Poster image promoting the competition, shows the Time to Move logo and a illustration of a woman with a brief case running.

The Time to Move T-shirt competition invites young people aged 13-30 to design a t-shirt that captures the spirit of the Time to Move campaign. 

The winners can win a bunch of amazing prizes including an Inter-rail Global Pass!

What is Time to Move?

Time to Move is an annual campaign organised by Eurodesk during October, that raises awareness of opportunities and events for young people across Europes. Find out more about Time to Move.

What can you use to design your t-shirt?

Choose any technique that you think would work for your t-shirt. 

This can include:

  • Photo based designs
  • Digital illustration 
  • Hand drawn or painted
  • Text based design

How to Submit Your Design

Submit your designs at the Time to Move website and read up on all the terms of conditions. 

Check out our Europe campaign page.