CyberFirst Summer 2022 Courses

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), announced that its free CyberFirst courses are now open for registration to introduce Scottish students with a passion for technology to the fascinating and fast-paced world of cyber security.

CyberFirst Summer Courses Key Info

🎂 14-17-years-old
📅 July and August 2022

About the CyberFirst Summer Courses

First launched in 2016, this range of courses gives students aged 14-17 in Scotland, the opportunity to explore their passion for tech. The three courses guiding pupils step by step through their understanding of the cyber security industry are: CyberFirst Defenders, CyberFirst Futures and finally CyberFirst Advanced. All courses are free, and the majority are provided in ten, half-day online sessions.

CyberFirst Defenders

CyberFirst Defenders is open to students currently in S4 and will run virtually from the 25th July to the 5th August. 

CyberFirst Defenders gives you a valuable introduction to the process of building and protecting small networks and personal devices. It helps increase your awareness of cyber security, whilst also equipping you with a set of relevant practical skills you can apply in your own life. These skills will help you and your friends and family stay safe online. Then, we go a step further to help you visualise yourself in a cyber security career, guiding you to the technology-related qualifications you’ll need.

CyberFirst Futures

CyberFirst Futures is aimed at students in S5, and will run virtually from the 1st to 12th August. 

CyberFirst Futures introduces you to more advanced practical features of cyber security. The course offers an insight into not just the method but the motivation behind cyber threats. You’ll explore legislation, study typical behaviours of likely cyber attackers, and apply this new understanding of how to protect networks. You’ll even learn to secure personal devices too – and how to protect networks and devices for future employers. These skills will help you and your friends and family stay safe online.

CyberFirst Advanced

CyberFirst Advanced is aimed at students in S6, and will run virtually from the 25th July to 5th August, or in person in Edinburgh from 25th to 29th July.

CyberFirst Advanced will build advanced skills in some key areas of cyber security. The course is designed to expand the knowledge of students already studying computer science or who have a passion and aptitude for all things tech. Gain skills in areas including digital forensics, encryption technologies, penetration testing and open-source intelligence techniques. These skills will help you and your friends and family stay safe online.

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Signing up takes about 5-10 mins to do, just follow the prompts as you go and CyberFirst will be in touch to confirm your registration. 

Please note: To apply for one of these courses, you will need to be on school holiday for the full duration of the course and be able to attend on all days of the course.

You will need to have this info to complete the form:

  • Student details, including full postal address
  • Parent contact number and address
  • A different personal email address for both student and parent that is regularly monitored. Please do not use a school email address as messages can be blocked
  • School name and address

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