Vocab: Winter | Briathrachas: An Geamhradh

It’s cold outside and the nights are getting longer – winter is here and we’ve got a whole list of Gaelic winter words you can learn!

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Tha e fuar a-muigh agus tha na h-oidhcheanan a’ fàs nas fhaide – tha an geamhradh an seo agus tha liosta de fhaclan geamhraidh Gàidhlig againn dhut airson ionnsachadh!

Gaelic Winter Words Infographic - Written version below

Winter Words | Faclan Geamhraidh

Blanket | Plaide

Boots | Bòtannan

Christmas |Nollaig

Christmas Decoration | Loinnearan Nollaig

Coat | Còta

Cold | Fuar

Cosy | Tìorail

Dark | Dorch

December | An Dùbhlach

February | An Gearran

Fireplace | Cagailt

Frosty/frozen | Reòite

Gingerbread | Aran-cridhe

Gloves | Meatagan

Hat | Ad

Hogmanay/New Year’s Eve | Oidhche na Bliadhna Ùire

Hot chocolate | Seoclaid teth

Ice | Deigh

Jacket | Seacaid

January | Am Faoilleach

Jumper | Geansaidh

New Year’s Day | A’ Challainn

Present | Tiodhlac

Santa | Bodach na Nollaige

Scarf | Sgarfa

Slush | Sneachd Bog

Snow | Sneachd

Snowball | Ball-sneachda

Snowman | Bodach-sneachda

Wind | Gaoth

Winter | Geamhradh

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