WDYC Mental Health Campaign

The WDYC is the local youth council representing young people in WD.  They hosted a campaign throughout 2020 called Small Talk. The aim being to encourage young people in West Dunbartonshire to open a dialogue about their mental health and to have a “small talk” about their mental health.

Young people from the Youth Council created 10 weeks of social media posts each looking at different aspects of mental health from anxiety to the effects of gambling.  Head to our Padlet to see their fantastic information.

Local MSYP Hayley Paku (elected to SYP in 2019) also created this fantastic resource booklet for young people in West Dunbartonshire.

Hayley said:

'As an advocate for mental health, I aim to destigmatize mental health issues and promote positive and open discussions about MH. This booklet is here to help anyone who may be feeling “out of it” and in need of support.
Look after yourself and stay safe. You matter.'

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