WDYC Manifesto 2019 - 2021

The West Dunbartonshire Youth Council (WDYC) was established in 2019 to give young people aged 10- 25 a chance to have a voice in the local community. In January 2020 we released a consultation asking young people what can we do to help with the five issues they stated, at our launch event, were the biggest issues facing young people in our communities. We plan on helping with these issues over the next two years.  Please see our results in the following graphic.

Poverty was an issue highlighted and we believe this is connected to all of the other issues. As a Youth Council, we recognise that West Dunbartonshire is an area of multiple deprivation with many of our children and young people currently living in poverty. This is an issue that we are committed to addressing throughout all of the campaigns we run.

After looking through the consultation responses, we found that Mental Health was the top priority for local young people.  This informed our first campaign and we decided on the name Small Talk.  You can view our small talk campaign here.