WDYC Child Poverty Statement

Please see West Dunbartonshire Youth Council’s statement for Challenge Poverty Week.

The West Dunbartonshire Youth Council believes that poverty is a devastating and shocking issue that affects far too many young people in our constituency; not only are we above the national average for child poverty but we are placed sixth out of thirty-two Scottish local authorities.

Out of 15,700 young people in West Dunbartonshire, 5,000 of us live in poverty. These numbers only show that more has to be done to combat child poverty in all areas within West Dunbartonshire to ensure young people have the best quality of life.

This should be a wake-up call to our community about how dire this situation is. We have seen time and time again that poverty is directly related to mental health, poor educational attainment and crime; more should be done to prevent these moral injustices.

The West Dunbartonshire Youth Council are committed to ensuring that all of our projects and campaigns are set up to address the negative impacts of poverty in our local area and providing young people affected by poverty with an effective platform to have their voices heard.