WDC Throughcare & Aftercare Team

The below leaflet and text will provide you with information about the Throughcare and Aftercare Team in West Dunbartonshire and is designed to give you an understanding of what we can offer you.

We help Young People who leave a care setting who are unable to return home to find suitable accommodation.  We’ll give you tailored support to move on and provide advice to help you to live independently.

We’re here to give you the support you need, for as long as you need.

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Moving on from care

It’s never too soon to be thinking about preparing to move on. It’s a good idea to plan your move along with your Social Worker, Foster Carer and Residential Keyworker.

It is important that you are fully involved in your reviews as this is where decisions are made about your future. By talking about moving on at your review, we can discuss and work on any  worries you may have with you before you leave care.

If agreed at the review, a referral can be made to the Throughcare Team and you will be allocated a Throughcare Worker, who along with other people involved i.e. keyworker, social worker, will help you to complete your Pathway Plan.

Your Pathway Plan

Your Pathway Plan gives you the chance to plan for your future, have your say and identify the people who will help you with this. Learning and work, lifestyle, money, where you will live, family and friends, health and wellbeing, rights and legal issues - these are all of the important things that will be considered.

Where you will live

One of the key areas where we can provide assistance is in helping you find a home that is right for you. This can be a big step - but we can help you prepare and can provide support after
you move. There are a number of housing options to be considered which include:

  • Semi-independent living
  • Temporary furnished accommodation
  • Your own tenancy

Semi-independent living

Experience has shown that most Young People leaving care can find it difficult to set up and sustain their own accommodation. Some lose their tenancy quite quickly and may become homeless.  One way of bridging the gap between leaving care and living independently in the community is to offer Young People accommodation with built in support i.e. supported lodgings. This means living with a couple or a person (known as a supported carer) in their home who will offer you your own room, three meals a day and appropriate support.

Your stay in supported lodgings will be for as long as needed and is a good way for you to prepare for your own tenancy. Before you move to lodgings your Throughcare Worker will take
you to visit and meet the carer/s. You will be asked to agree a ‘conditions of residence’ which would state the rules of the house i.e. what would be provided to you and what is expected of you. You will continue to be supported by your Throughcare Worker during your stay in lodgings.

Temporary furnished accommodation

For most Young People it is a big step moving to their own tenancy and the responsibility for managing this on their own.

On these occasions some Young People may be offered fully furnished accommodation on a temporary basis, where they would be able to test out their ability to live independently and build confidence whilst receiving support.

Your own tenancy

Our team work in partnership with the Council’s housing team and link with Housing Associations. This can help you with an application for your own tenancy when the time is right. As you will be supported by us, housing staff will do their best to get you a good tenancy in an area of your choice. This of course will be explained in more detail to you.

We will continue to support when you secure a tenancy. This can include practical support such as applying for financial support, shopping for furniture and connecting with your local community. We also have an ‘open door’ policy for Young People who have their own tenancy. This means you can come to us for help with any issues that may arise, even when our formal contact has ended.


Young People without work, training or further education placements can find it more difficult to cope living independently, supported or not.  This is due to having a low or no income (remember Young People aged between 16 and 18 do not automatically get money from the Department of Work and Pensions).

We can offer guidance on training, education and employment opportunities to help you reach your full potential. We can also give advice on accessing a personal allowance and applying for other benefits.

Other areas where we can help

We can also provide a range of additional advice including:

  • Budgeting your money, paying bills and shopping
  • Social and communication skills
  • Advice and information about health issues

Contact with the team

Contact with the team is on a voluntary basis. This means that you have agreed at a review that a referral will be made to the team. Once we start working with you, contact remains on a voluntary basis.

We like to get involved with you well before you are due to move on, to start talking about some of the issues mentioned earlier in preparation for leaving care. The way that we do this depends on you and your circumstances when you are referred to us.

We expect Young People who are referred to be committed to working with us and to keep appointments. This allows us to get to know the young person, help identify the most suitable accommodation and appropriate advice, and offer continued support.

Have your say

We hope to be able to help each young person choose the accommodation that will suit them best. Everyone involved with you i.e. Social Worker, Keyworker (residential), Foster Carer and
Throughcare Worker will work together to ensure you are fully supported in the process of moving on.

We hope that all Young People involved with us will take an active part in the future development of the service offered. During your involvement you will be able to tell us your feelings, ideas and opinions of your own experience.

You can get in touch with the Throughcare & Aftercare team by:

Phone - 0141 562 8800

Email - Throughcare&AftercareTeam@west-dunbarton.gov.uk