Tian Qi - Dumbarton SYP Candidate

Key Issues

  • Equalities
  • Rights
  • Health and wellbeing


Why should someone vote for you?

Your support for me will not go in vain, with your vote we can protect the rights of young people. Their rights to be heard, well-represented and to speak freely. They deserve to influence political affairs, especially ones which are relevant to youths. I will articulately express the issues of Scotland's younger generation and help resolve them with my utmost effort. I am keen on fulfilling my role as MSYP to the best of my ability and I am not one to turn a blind eye. Let's make Scotland an amazing environment for children and young people to live. Our future relies on them. Let us all strive for an equal and righteous society. End bullying before it ends a life. Stop discrimination for a better nation. Your votes for me will be greatly appreciated and this will be a closer step to unifying Scotland.


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