Oot, Skoot and Aboot

Oot Scoot and Aboot is a Stage 1 provision within the Working 4U Youth Employability & Literacies Team. It is a personal and social development programme for young people delivered by Working 4 U staff in partnership with Educations Senior Phase Workers.

The programme aims to engage with young people who are the furthest away from the employment market and supports them to progress and sustain further learning, training and employment.  Below is an update about the current Snow-Camp programme as part of the Oot Scoot and Aboot initiative.


Snow-Camp programmes offer inner-city young people the opportunity to progress from beginner skiers and snowboarders right through to becoming qualified instructors and their journey starts with our First Tracks Programme.

First Tracks provides young people (aged 13-21) with their first experience of snowsports on artificial slopes in UK, taking place throughout July and August each year.

Young people are taught how to ski or snowboard by qualified instructors and Snow-Camp apprentices and volunteers, as they are the best role models to demonstrate to the new young people what they can achieve with the charity.

Young people on our programmes are exposed to other youth groups and young people from across their city, addressing territorial bias and gang culture. Furthermore, for every hour spent on the slopes the young people spend the same amount of time in the classroom in our guided life skills sessions. These sessions are designed to help young people reflect upon the skills they are demonstrating on the slopes – perseverance, commitment, listening, teamwork, patience and overcoming fear as well as how to respond to challenges, deal with peer pressure and setting goals for the future. All essential life skills for young people.