MCR Pathways - Mentoring

MCR Pathways supports young people through mentoring, to transform their lives and help them reach their full potential. Due to situations out of their control, some young people face challenges that make it more difficult for them to succeed. That’s why providing the simple support of a mentor is so important and has been proven to make a life-changing difference. In addition to the young people gaining support from the programme, mentors also learn new skills and make a lifelong friend through mentoring.


Mentoring takes place between S3-S6 however, Group Work starts from S1, which gets young people involved in the programme early. Being involved in MCR’s programme is completely voluntary to the young people and having that one person to meet with each week, who isn’t a teacher, parent, guardian or counsellor, is incredible.


Mentors can be anyone aged 21 and over. There are no qualifications needed and full training is provided. All that MCR asks is that you be there and care. Mentoring takes place for one hour each week, during school time, for a minimum of one year, ideally two. With support of the Scottish Government and The Hunter Foundation, the programme is now continuing to expand across the country.


Having supported young people since 2007, MCR has so many stories of young people achieving their dreams with the help of a mentor. Pupils and mentors alike have a variety of reasons for getting involved in the programme. Here are just two experiences of those involved in mentoring:


"I really enjoyed having a mentor, it was so good to have someone to talk to and to give me advice. My mentor was so lovely and we have become friends. If any other young person was unsure about getting a mentor, I would say - just give it a go, as it helped me in so many ways."

Pupil from Our Lady & St Patrick’s High School, Dumbarton


"I’ve learned lots of things, about all sorts of things. We have very wide-ranging chats often centred around, or returning to, Star Wars, and superheroes. But we also touch on aspects of school (occasionally) and life in general. Our chats are a great way to start the week off, by laughing with a friend."

Mentor, Neil, from Our Lady & St Patrick’s High School, Dumbarton


Each school in which MCR Pathways operates has a dedicated Pathways Coordinator who is there to help the young people in the programme and support mentoring relationships.  Young people are usually signposted to this support by the school, including the pastoral care team, however for those young people interested in finding out more, please ask your school if you want to speak to the MCR Pathways Coordinator.


For people aged 21 and over who want to get involved, please visit our website for more information and to sign up:


If you have any questions, please contact:


You can #BeTheBridge between a young person’s talent and possibilities in life.