Jessica - Clydebank & Milngavie SYP Candidate

Key Issues

  • Education
  • Youth work
  • Health and wellbeing

Why should someone vote for you?

I am very experienced in working with young people in my constituency as I go to many out of school activities such as dancing. I also help out at my local youth group and volunteer working with young children in the area. I am extremely passionate about all issues and promise to do everything in my ability to make sure there is a change, so that every young person in my constituency can have a better life. As a young person myself, I have a deep understanding and can really empathise with people in my constituency as I witness it all first hand, so I will know what is best to do for them. I am extremely confident, hardworking and have excellent perseverance. I also have an ambition to go into politics when I’m older so becoming MSYP will give me fantastic experience in reaching this goal. I am extremely responsible, organised and have very good communication skills. I am very focused and creative and will also do what’s best for the young people in my constituency.


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