Dylan Murdoch - MSYP For Dumbarton

Profile of Dylan Murdoch, Member of Scottish Youth Parliament for Dumbarton

Key Issues

  • Equalities
  • Poverty and income inequality
  • Transportation

Why do you want to be an MSYP?

I want to become a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament because I believe I am capable of representing the young people in my local community and will do everything in my power to ensure their views, opinions and suggestions are heard and considered appropriately. I believe strongly in helping those more disadvantaged than myself and will make sure that they have a chance to be represented as well. I am very interested in social subjects and specifically in politics as I am very interested in pursuing a career in the political arena when I leave school. On a more personal level I believe that the Youth Parliament will build my confidence and will help me develop very important life skills such as public speaking and putting me in a position to grow into a contributing adult.

How will you consult with the young people in your area or organisation to ensure that they are represented well and their voices are heard?

I will ensure to the utmost of my ability that the views of young people are represented, I will do this by meeting with the multiple youth groups and communicating with local young people. Consulting young people in the area is extremely important and I will continue to consult with young people about issues important to them through use of anonymous surveys, face to face interviews and social media. It is extremely important to engage with young people and seriously consider all feedback received.

Why should someone vote for you?

I believe people should elect me to the position as I have very strong convictions and am willing to stand up for what I believe in. However I am calm enough to listen to other points of view. I work very well in a team and am comfortable in being a team leader as I’m a decisive yet cooperative person. I have experience in the Vale of Leven academies debate club and helped organise the debate club in my older school, Sir Herbert Leon academy so I am more than capable of debating and constructing arguments for my beliefs. Also I am capable and comfortable with working with people of all age groups, as I was selected to help out with the newer pupils coming to the school and also to attend meeting with members of faculty, to discuss issues affecting fellow class members and pupils as I was class captain for a length of time. I believe this would translate extremely well to the position I am putting myself forward for.

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