Dylan - Dumbarton SYP Candidate

Key Issues

  • Poverty and income inequality
  • Education
  • Youth work


Why should someone vote for you?

I’m definitely very experienced in the role as I’ve been representing Dumbarton and Alexandria in the Scottish Youth Parliament for 2 years now and as such I have genuine hands-on experience with the role. I’m a passionate, driven, and ambitious person that honestly wants to help this community thrive and ensure that its young people have every opportunity to succeed.
That means: campaigning for a fairer minimum wage for young people, expanding services such as financial advice and employability, coordinating with charities and organisations such as Action for children and Young Scot, raising awareness and helping with food insecurity and the worst aspects of poverty, and tackling the attainment gap in schools by ensuring that that education reform is meaningful and exam results don’t get decided by your postcode. The recovery from Covid will impact this whole generation and the next. It’s paramount that young people’s voices are heard during it, and I feel I’m the best person to continue to represent West Dunbartonshire.


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