Cara - Clydebank & Milngavie SYP Candidate

Key Issues

  • Education
  • The environment
  • Health and wellbeing


Why should someone vote for you?

For too long young people have not been listened to on the issues that impact us the most! Voting for me is a vote for your voice. A vote for your future. I will amplify and bring attention to the issues impacting you, your friends and your family.

I will ensure our issues are taken seriously, issues that many of you have brought to me. Issues with massive impacts; like covid recovery in education (we all know about the exam results fiasco of 2020), mental health services for young people, and the environment.

We look at youth led programmes, protests and movements and we see the power young people hold. With me as your MSYP we can make meaningful change in and for Clydebank and Milngavie. We can push for more and improved mental health facilities for our young people, we can make sure you are never judged by your postcode again, we can make the planet greener for our future.

I'm willing to fight for a change in our community and ensure you get an equal chance at a bright future.


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