Vocab: Volunteering | Briathrachas: Saor-thoileachas

Learn some Gaelic words related to volunteering.

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Ionnsaich beagan fhaclan Gàidhlig a tha co-cheangailte ri saor-thoileachas.

Vocabulary list of volunteering words with English on the left and Gaelic on the right. There is a text version below for screen readers.

Volunteering | Saor-thoileachas

Activist | Neach-iomairt

Action | Gnìomh

Activism | Iomairteachd

Charity | Carthannas

Citizen | Saoranach

Citizenship | Saoranachd

Commitment/eagerness | Dealas

Committed to. . . | An geall air. . .

Community | Coimhearsnachd

Effect/Impact | Buaidh

Effort | Oidhirp

Ethical | Beusail

Fundraising | Togail airgead

Generous/Charitable | fiùghantach

Help/Assistance | Cobhair

Idea(s) | Beachd(an)

Inspire | Brosnaich

Inspiring | Brosnachail

Local | Ionadail

National | Nàiseanta

Participate/Get involved | Gabh pàirt

Participation | Com-pàirteachadh

Power of youth | Cumhachd na h-òigridh

Responsibility | Uallach

Service | Seirbheis

Support | Taic

Valuable | Luachmhor

Vital | Riatanach

Volunteer | Saor-thoileach

Volunteering | Saor-thoileachas


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