Tips for Staying Positive in a Crisis

Things that are happening in the world around us can make us feel scared, unhappy or worried. You’re not alone. A lot of people will be feeling this way right now, but there are some small things you can do to help you feel more positive and to help you look after yourself and others and try to stay positive.

Talk about it

You know what they say, “a problem shared is a problem halved.” Sometimes that can very much be the case. Whether it’s picking up the phone, having a dinner date, unloading in the group chat with your friends via voice notes or meeting up – there are lots of ways to communicate with your friends and family how you’re feeling, and it really can help if you’re feeling anxious or concerned about what’s going on.

Remember not everything online is true

There is lots of news out there and while most people online are well-meaning, not all of the information you come across online is true. Keep to official news sources and find out the most up-to-date information about what’s happening in Scotland and how you can get support through trusted sources.

Remember that it’s fine to not check the news or scroll through endless updates each day.

Stay active…

Keeping active is a great way to help us feel more balanced and positive. Try home workouts by watching some YouTube videos, creating your own circuit session in your garden or doing some yoga and trying to get outside for a walk or even a run are a few different ways to get some exercise.

…but also make time to relax 

It’s also important to make time to relax and switch off from the world around us. Distractions can be good too! People relax in different ways. It could be reading a book, having a cuddle with your pet, doing some colouring or some meditation or relaxation exercises.  

Not sure what relaxation exercises are? Take a look at our simple guide.

Have some fun  

Being happy and having fun in a time of crisis might not feel right, but it’s important that we still have a laugh and do fun activities. You could play a fun game with your friends online, watch a comedy or dance around the living room to your favourite song.    

Ask for help

If you’re unsure or worried about anything, remember it’s okay to ask for help and talk to a parent, friend, teacher or another person you trust. Talking about how you feel can be difficult. We have some information on different ways you can ask for help that you might find useful if you’re not sure what to do.   

If you need help with your mental health and managing your money, visit our page on ‘Coping With the Cost Crisis’.

Do you have another idea for staying positive in a time of crisis? Get in touch through our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or drop us an email

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