What ideas can you vote on for the BIG Conversation?

We have been overwhelmed by the number of great responses we received during the first stage of our consultation in Stirling’s BIG conversation on services for care experienced children and young people. Thank you!

We have narrowed the suggestions down to 4 projects that could be taken forward by the Care Experienced Virtual Head Team. Now it’s time to VOTE on which one you think would be most useful to our children and young people.



Options for Voting

You will be able to choose 1 of the following projects voting is open from Tuesday 31st May until Tuesday 14th June:

community Link project image

Community Link Project – Collaborating with clubs, community organisations and schools to increase participation of children and young people with experience of care in more activities.




You said…

We would like a wider range of opportunities after school and in our local communities that are inclusive for our children and young people with experience of care. Sometimes it costs too much to go to the activities and trying a club for the first time can be scary.

We could…

Work with local clubs and organisations to help them be more inclusive of all children and young people. We can work together to find out what would make it easier for more children and young people with experience of care to attend clubs and activities. We can provide funding to remove any barriers preventing our children and young people from joining in.

If you think our children and young people would benefit from more opportunities to join in clubs and activities in their communities, vote for FUNDING A COMMUNITY LINK PROJECT

person centred planning image

Being more involved in making decisions about our lives- Person Centred training for children's services workers and partners to improve how we involve children and young people in decision making.




You said…

Our children and young people want to be more involved in decision making about their lives and about their education. Meetings are too formal and focused on what the adults think. Children and young people should be part of discussions, be listened to and be part of making decisions more.

We could…

Pay for ‘person centred’ training for people like teachers, social workers, family support workers and for our children too,  to make it easier for our children and young people with experience of care to be listened to, make decisions and have their views acted upon.

If you think our children and young people would benefit from being listened to and being more involved in decision making, vote for PERSON CENTRED TRAINING.

courses image

Rolling programme of short courses with schools and local communities





You said…

Primary and secondary aged learners want to have more learning opportunities, in safe, welcoming environments be that in school or elsewhere in our communities, and learn about things that are interesting to them. They want to learn a wider range of skills that are about ‘real life’ that are fun now and also prepare them for the future.


We could…

Extend the range of life skills short courses for children and young people that we deliver in partnership with schools and community organisations. These would be available for small groups and individual learners who would enjoy learning new skills, outside the classroom that help them to be successful learners and confident individuals.


If you think our children and young people would benefit from opportunities to learn new skills in their communities, vote for ROLLING PROGRAMME OF SHORT COURSES

media project image

Media and Community Communications project





You said…

We don’t hear about the opportunities that are available to us. We need to hear about them directly and not just through our teachers, carers or social workers.

We could…

Fund a project to create social media and communications to share what’s on offer for our children and young people. We would reach out to young people to find out how they communicate best so they are more likely to hear about what’s on. We would build links with community partners to find out what’s out there and share the information widely so more of our young people could participate and flourish.

If you think our children and young people would benefit from information being shared better, vote for MEDIA and COMMUNITY COMMUNICATIONS PROJECT