Things to do over the Christmas break.

Christmas Cards

Write Christmas cards! Sending cards to family and friends to wish them Merry Christmas is a lovely thing to do and a tradition in most households.

Watch Christmas Movies.

Watching Christmas movies such as Home Alone, Polar Express, Santa Claus and The Grinch are always fun to watch and get you in the Christmas spirit.

Make your own Christmas Decorations! 


Decorating The Christmas Tree!

Decorating the Christmas tree, everybody does this! Preparing decorations people start with this then get onto things surrounding it. Decorating a Christmas tree has always been a family thing to do, it has to be a tradition that’s a fun thing to do with friends and family.

Advent Calendars.

Advent Calendars have always been a thing young children and young teens do. It’s a friendly reminder with things from chocolate to makeup that Christmas is coming with a new gift every day. Advent Calendars are fun also because they excite you for Christmas! 


Making Hot Chocolate!

Making hot chocolate has always been a fun thing to do. Drinking hot chocolate, sitting in bed and watching a Christmas movie is a thing some people do this as a tradition which is fab.

Play in the Snow!