Stirling's Summer Youthie in the Hoosie Week 4, Day 2



Did you know that Bumblebees.....


* have 5 eyes and can see ultraviolet lights

* don't have ears

* make their homes in holes underground

* beat their wings up to 240 beats per second

* have hair on their body to keep them warm

* have very smelly feet!!! - they leave a scent mark like smelly footprint on the flowers they have visited to let      other bumblebees know they have already visited the flower.

You can find out loads of really great info about bees and how you can help them HERE  

Or how about CLICKING HERE for a guide to identifying bees

You can even help by taking part in a survey of bees by downloading this app and recording the plants bees like in your area…… SPOTABEE


Remember to send in some photos/videos to be entered into the MEGA DRAW at the end of Summer. 

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