Stirling's Summer Youthie in the Hoosie Staycation - Day 5

Den ideas



Today we want you to get your bed ready for tonight (if you can)

Tonight we want young people and families all across Stirling to have a go at sleeping somewhere different in your home…. It could be indoors or outdoors, in a tent or a homemade den….

Think about –

  • Where you want to be – are you staying indoors or heading out into your garden? Remember and check the weather!
  • What materials you already have to make your den – blankets, cushions, clothes pegs, cardboard, string, chairs to prop blankets up, a tent, ……..
  • How to make your den stay up? How to make it comfortable?
  • Who can help you and join in too


  • Under your dining table, with blankets down the sides of the table
  • Using the sofa cushions on the floor, bring through your pillows and duvet
  • Put a tent up in your garden ( depends on whether you’ve got a tent and a garden to pitch it in)
  • Making a cardboard fort, and decorating it
  • Building an outdoor den around a tree with sticks

For loads more inspiration and ideas  click the links below -


Remember to send in some photos/videos to be entered into the MEGA DRAW at the end of Summer. 

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