Stirling's Youthie in the Hoosie - Information topic Day 33

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Today is #Powerofyouthday, so we are hearing from young people who are involved in volunteering through their Duke of Edinburgh's Award and also being a Young Leader & Volunteer within our own team.

Niamh - McLaren High School -  Duke of Edinburgh's Participant - Volunteering Section 

I volunteered at the Callander Cancer Research UK for 3 years in total, from the start of my bronze DofE till just after my Gold DofE when I moved away to Glasgow to begin my first year of university. It was a great experience which allowed me to meet lots of interesting people from different places across the world. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would like to thank the lovely ladies who worked in the shop past and present, they made me feel very welcome and made it very easy to come back week after week - it was a pleasure!


Amy - Wallace High School -  Duke of Edinburgh's Participant - Volunteering Section 


For my Silver DofE I started volunteering with Stirling Junior Parkrun in October 2019 and attended the weekly events at Kings Park.  I really enjoyed my time helping out and undertook a variety of roles during the first 5 months - marshal, timekeeper, finish tokens, barcode scanning, tail walker and first timers briefing.  Then in the middle of March all Parkrun events in the UK were cancelled until further notice due to lockdown.  


So I had to think about what I could do to continue my volunteering for DofE but in a safe way during lockdown.  That’s when I came up with the idea to support my younger brother with his weekly runs (he took part in the Junior Parkrun events too prior to lockdown) and become his personal “tail walker” each time he went out on a run.  


I contacted my DofE leader, Mrs Curry to check if this would be OK and she agreed it was an acceptable alternative during this time.  So for the last month I’ve been coaching by brother and supporting him on his weekly runs.  I’ve had lots of fun doing this.


I’d like to thank my DofE leaders for their support throughout the year.  They've been a great help.

dof yp

Alison - Duke of Edinburgh's Volunteer for Balfron Award Group

I did my bronze, silver and gold a long time ago and it has helped shape my life. I'm involved in outdoor learning and have always got children and young people outside in most of my various work roles, and am happy outdoors. I started volunteering because my own children were starting to take part and I was taking up a work role that stopped my being directly involved with young people. DofE volunteering helped keep me there.

I've had a variety of roles with the Balfron Award Group - being part of the main volunteering teams for bronze and latterly silver,and then the last two seasons as an assessor.

And I like the quote:

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”

dofe yp

CARLY BUDGE - Young Leader - Senior Phase & Youth Participation Team 

Carly is 19 and has been engaging with our Service (Senior Phase & Youth Participation Team) for the last 8 years.  Carly started by coming along to her local youth group each week. 

As Carly got older, she was very keen to come along to her youth group each week and take on extra responsibilities within the group with the support from the Workers.  Through this Carly became a Young Leader within the group and signed up to a Leadership Course for Young People in 2016.  This was the start of Carly’s amazing journey.

Carly continued to volunteer in her local youth group each week, along with signing up to any opportunity that was offered to her along the way, such as Sports Leaders, Girls on the Move, First Aid, Food Hygiene and many more.  Carly has volunteered her time each summer to support the Senior Phase & Youth Participation Team Summer Programme, this including a 2 night residential where Carly took the lead on the Evaluation for the Residential.  This helped Carly with her confidence in leading and engaging Young People.

Whilst volunteering all her time throughout the years, Carly still attended School each day and helped out there when she could. 

Carly signed up to a leadership residential run by Youth Scotland in February 2018 and as part of this would complete a Platinum Youth Achievement Award.  This has been really tough for Carly as things kept changing along the way, but she has stuck with it.  Her goals on her personal Development Plan was to learn to drive and get a job.  Both of which she has achieved and now has her own car and a modern Apprenticeship.  She has now successfully completed her Platinum Youth Achievement Award and just awaiting her certificate.

As a Team we have seen Carly grow into such an inspirational Young Person, willing to volunteer her time to help and support other Young People along the way.  Carly is also part of the Youth Forum in Stirling and worked alongside her peers to plan and deliver a Gathering Event for Young People, where hundreds of Young People from Local Schools attended.

Carly is now completing her Professional Development Award in Youth Work and is hoping to use all her skills, knowledge and experience that she has gained over the years to deliver a Young Leader Peer Education Programme with Young People from youth groups in her area.  This will be supported by workers in the team to enable Carly to continue with her volunteering.

Over the years Carly has volunteered over 600hours with our Service, this is amazing due to all the other commitments that Carly had throughout the years.

We just want to say:




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