Period Protected During Covid 19

period protected

Access to free sanitary products in Stirling

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In Stirling we have teamed up with Hey Girls to make sure you are ‘Period Protected’ during Covid – 19.  

Thanks to funding from the Scottish Government, free sanitary products will continue to be available throughout Stirling. 

Although our School collection points are temporarily closed during COVID-19, we are trialing a new ordering service so you can still get access to the products you need. 

Any young person who menstruates up to 25 years 
is very welcome to use this free service, but you must live, go to school, or work/volunteer in the Stirling Council area and provide a Stirling post code for delivery.  

A range of products across four care packs are available to choose from. 

Products may take up to six weeks to arrive after initial ordering.  Orders will be confirmed and passed onto Hey Girls for delivery where they are packed and delivered to your house.

We will endeavor to keep this time as short as possible but we also want you to plan ahead.   

If you don’t receive your order after 6 weeks please email 


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