DofE with a difference



The coronavirus has changed so much for all for us just now but it doesn’t need to stop you in your DofE tracks ……..

Yes, expeditions are on hold for now, but you can still be working on and completing your volunteering, skills and physical sections.  And now you can even get formally recognised through the new (and for one year only!) 2020 DofE Certificate of Achievement.

If your normal activities have had to pause you can take up new ones, and all the time you had already clocked up on your previous activities will still count.    

Check out DofE With A Difference     - it’s packed with loads of ideas for activities you can do at home, the tricky bit is just choosing one for each section!  Here’s just a smidgen of some of the activities you could be doing – walking, running, cycling, PE with Joe, Yoga, perfecting your football skills, learning sign language, completing a John Muir award, doing a mindfulness and well-being course, baking, cooking, gardening, joining a virtual choir, First Aid, learning about nature, vlogging, cheering up (remotely) elderly people in isolation, helping a sibling with their learning, charity fundraising, planning resources sessions for your youth club to do virtually, making scrub bags for NHS . Go to the website and see some of the options and you can also come up with your own ideas too!

DofE With A Difference  explains how to make the changes, and use the app, and has lots of other useful info too.

Keep in touch with your leader, they will need to approve any changes, and they’ll want to support you to complete your sections.  If you need help with finding an assessor for your change of activity they will also be able to help. And if you can’t get hold of your assessors because of lockdown then let them know that too so you can come up with a solution.

The 2020 DofE Certificate of Achievement 

If you’ve completed your Volunteering, Physical and Skills sections but aren’t currently able to do your expedition and achieve your Award, then you could be eligible for The 2020 DofE Certificate of Achievement.  It’s a formal recognition, by the DofE, of your dedication, resilience and accomplishments in these extraordinary circumstances. For more info and eligibility criteria go to

(We hope you'll be able to go on and complete the expedition section of your award when safe to do so, and then receive your full DofE award.)


This is a challenging time. But every day, all over the UK, young people like you are finding creative ways to keep doing your DofE – and making a big difference to loved ones and your communities in the process. 

We hope working towards your Award will be a really positive focus and motivator during the lockdown – and that your enthusiasm for helping others through volunteering will be a huge force for good at a time when it’s needed most.

Your leaders want to support you to keep going with your DofE so get in touch with them via eDofE messages or your group's usual communication channels (emails/google classrooms etc).  If you’re struggling to get in touch with your leader then we’re here to help too.  Email with your questions or to let us know if you want a call back to discuss your DofE.  Remember to include your name,  your DofE centre and your phone number if you want to speak to someone.