Care Experienced Flexible Fund

Care Experienced Flexible Fund

As part of the Scottish Attainment Challenge, funding is available to provide targeted and focused support for care experienced children and young people, from birth to 26 years, to improve their educational outcomes and to consider the educational attainment gap for pupils affected by other barriers including poverty, rural isolation, Additional Support Needs or protected characteristic.

Young people who are care experienced have their own range of traits, skills, talents and needs. To this end, a flexible fund has been established to support individual projects aimed at improving outcomes for care experienced children and young people. The fund is open to a wide range of people, applications are agreed by a panel and finance is awarded depending on the direct impact on the target group of care experience children and young people.

Who can apply?

Care experienced young people aged 13-26 can apply themselves but applications should be counter signed by a support worker or other responsible adult.

An adult can apply on behalf of a care experienced child aged 0-13 years

For more information, deadlines and guidance, check out Stirling Council's website