What is Cambuslang Universal Connections?

Cambuslang Universal Connections is a diverse community education facility features an age range of 5+, Also including adult learning and participation to help encourage intergenerational learning.

The centre participates in a large, varied number of activities ranging from STEM groups, transition groups, support groups and inclusion groups. We identify needs of our community through your support and consultation. Within our area we have many sub-communities for example we have a large consideration for  ASN, ASD. We help acknowledge and support these community members and help them integrate to become service users.

The primarily issue that most young and older generations face within Cambuslang is deprivation. Cambuslang has 2 key identified areas that are on the considered the most deprived according to the SIMD (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation.) These areas are Springhall and Whitelawburn. There is a vast amount of engagement within Whitelawburn Community Resource Centre, and Springhall Community Centre. Working with partners such as Cathkin Centre DofE, Cambuslang Community Council, Primary and Secondary schools, and local government organisations such as Jobcentre+, Aspire.

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